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2-Person Inflatable Dinghy with Aluminum Oars & Air Pump

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Product Description

Air floors vs hard floors

Inflatable dinghy boats with air floors are usually lighter, much more flexible and absorb vibrations better. However, hard floor dinghies are known for their stiffness. They can only perform better with the help of a large HD motor and they cannot be constantly inflated and deflated.

Other factors like the number of people that the inflatable dinghy can accommodate, the power rating and the type of motor used should not be overlooked. If you want to buy rubber dinghy, all these factors should be thoroughly assessed and considered.

Material 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin for boat body;

2.0mm PVC tarpaulin for boat base

Inflated product dimensions: 4.7mL*2.15mW (15ftL*7ftW)
Maximum players: 8 persons
Package weight: 76kgs (167lbs)
Package dimensions: 95cm*71cm*52cm (37″*28″*20″)
Application locations: sea or other water areas
Shipment term: by air (DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS)
Free of charge accessories: fixing kit(fixing material and glue) and durable vinyl carriage bag
Chargeable accessories: CE approved air pump and paddle
Delivery Time: 2 weeks
Payment Terms: paypal/bank transfer/credit card
Certification: CE
Replace or Refund policy: from the date of received the products within 30 days, if there is manufacturing defects that cause product can not be repaired and used smoothly, we will provide a fresh one or make a compensation. The normal life time for the river rafting boat is 3 summers.


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